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I’m not crazy about the pop culture-friendly new title, but the film’s pedigree is promising. Josh Pais plays a buttoned-up dentist with social anxiety running a flagging dental practice with the assistance of his daughter (Ellen Page) in Lynn Shelton’s new indie dramedy, Touchy Feely.

When rumors spread that he’s suddenly developed a “healing touch,” …

Meanwhile, Daniel and gal pal Chelsea become more than friends, and a heartbroken Mikey, rekindles the passion with his wife.

For months in advance of the film’s release, it was promoted on the basis of an image of Efron naked and horizontal on a toilet.

He and Poots work well together, though she is not taxed as hard as she has been in other films.

The true stand outs are the pairing of Teller and Davis; Teller is funny without baggage, and Davis is natural.

Any ill-judgement of any of the women in the cast reflects more poorly on the men passing the judgement than the women being judged.

Gormican’s script suggests that, much of the time, men are much sillier than women and that they practice a special kind of double think which means that they can invite a girl to come and hang out, and then when she arrives they resent her for appearing unannounced.

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