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When I First heard about the Entity Framework I thought there was only one correct way of implementing it and that is using the Code First approach. In this article I will explain the various approaches and their advantages and disadvantages.

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Yes, your presets and preferences will automatically be migrated from your prior version that’s installed on your local system.If you don’t see your question answered below, let me know in the comments section and I will try and answer.Table of contents: If you want to keep CC 2015.1.2 installed until you’ve had time to update/install your 3rd party plug-ins for 2015.5, be sure to click on “Advanced Options” and uncheck “Remove old versions” when installing the update: (version2015.1.2) and have a separate plug-ins folder.Deploying on the Visual Studio Android Emulator with Xamarin is sometimes an ordeal, with many things that can go wrong. Hence if you go to the file, then delete everything inside the file, then rebuild your app, it should regenerate correctly.Hence, here is my playbook on what to do when things go wrong when deploying for Android. When you upgrade your Xamarin Forms version or add in other 3rd Party Components, normally the Resources. If errors still persist inside this file then here are some other possible causes And delete everything in this folder.

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