Update statement in ms access jdbc not updating the row

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UCan Access uses: -Jackcess as Ms Access Input/Output library. Features -Supported Access formats: 2000,2002/2003,2007,2010/2013 databases (1997 read-only). -Concurrent access from multiple users (i.e., multiple application server threads). Added fake left$ and right$ functions -Patched mapping of CHAR type when used in DDL -Fix insert of arbitrary Auto Number values -Fix bug with the setting of Null values on complex type columns(i.e., Attachment, Multivalue) -Fix bug on column aliases containing an accented character (aliases generated by Hibernate) Ucan Access 4.0.1 Release. ====================== -Fixed bug that could affect columns order when creating a new table via ALTER TABLE statement and using a particular DDL statements sequence -Minor fix on the UCan Access console Ucan Access 4.0.0 Release. -You can execute select queries defined and saved in Access. -Both double quote " and single quote ' as SQL string delimiters. You can contact the author Marco Amadei at [email protected] Release: Ucan Access 4.0.2 Release. Or Update Conn_Run() public class Update Conn_Run { Connection con; Statement st; Result Set rs; String Buffer results; String url = "jdbc:ucanaccess://C://DATABASE//DATA.accdb"; Prepared Statement ps; public void update Booking() net. Lightweight Dispatcher.retarget Mouse Event(Unknown Source) at

Ucanaccess SQLException: data exception: invalid datetime format at net. Lightweight Dispatcher.process Mouse Event(Unknown Source) at The package contains classes that represent RDBMS queries, updates, and stored procedures as thread-safe, reusable objects.See Section 19.6, “Modeling JDBC operations as Java objects”.On both servers, the database, schema and table names are the same. Don't want to set up linked servers, as they will only connect on a scheduled basis to perform updates. Other queries such as insert work, as well as update OPENDATASOURCE( .

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