My daughter is dating a non muslim

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Answered by Ustadha Zaynab Ansari Question: salam alykom wa rahmatu Allah..I am Muslim woman and I want to marry a Catholic man.Hi, I am 31 and am with my boyfriend for 14 months. He has never been controlling or even talked about religion to me much. His sisters are little more than servants for the men in the family and it was a culture shock being over there. But I love my boyfriend and see he has a different mentality to his parents, if I make it over 12 weeks he will tell his family about the pregnancy even though us not being married (with no immediate intention to) will cause a mini scandal over there. He has lived in Europe for 10 years since he was 20 and is fairly westernised in that he drinks alcohol and doesnt pray or go the mosque etc.

To create a pious and safe environment to raise their children and protect and develop Taqwa (Righteousness) in them to enable them to become God-fearing servants of Allah.

The beginning of a marriage is very important, therefore we should strive to do everything to win the pleasure of Allah.

The parents have to ensure that Taqwa is the most important ingredient in the marriage of their children.

The invalidity of this marriage is not based on its being a civil contract.

In fact, in Islam, marriage is a civil contract with sacred aspects.

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