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and your friends may give you any number of convoluted suggestions.

But what do singles actually do -- or want to do -- when they're starting to date someone?

A new survey conducted by dating site e Harmony may provide an answer.

It’s not clear that the young and perky are the best market for corporate matchmakers.

And then he spent half of yesterday sending me links of John Krasinski acting like a marionette. We ended up going to a dive bar after and having a very serious dart competition. We're doing dinner downtown Saturday (read: right by his apartment) and then this haunted house thing the following Friday.

The fair was basically the quintessential carnival experience - we held hands on the scary ride, made robots in the kids' craft section, he won me the biggest prize, we ate fried food, and got molested by snakes lol.

The desire to avoid dates with sociopaths is probably partially behind the stalking rate, but a recent study suggested that boredom also plays a huge role. People Text More, But They Prefer A Phone Call Over 75 percent of men and women admitted that they preferred voice-to-voice phone contact over a text.

What's more interesting than scoping out a potential love interest? A July survey found that 25 percent of adults don't even know their numbers, so getting someone to call might be a challenge. People Aren't Self-Conscious About Making Same-Day Plans The overwhelming majority of people surveyed said that they didn't feel the need to delay seeing someone if they were available right away.

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