Dating someone who has trust issues

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Modern society is built on trust, and in the absence of trust, fear rules.With this in mind, it is easy to understand how people with trust issues might have difficulty engaging in certain social contexts and leading the most fulfilling life they can.

People who have issues with trust have often had significant negative experiences in the past with individuals or organizations they initially deemed trustworthy.If trust issues aren't the number one cause of breakups, it has to be one of the leading causes.In my brief time alive, I've noticed that the problems most couples face are usually arguments that can be traced to insecurities masked as trust issues.For instance, he may demand all of your free time or discourage you from seeing your friends.A man who exhibits controlling behavior generally does so because he is scared of the vulnerability that is part of loving and trusting his partner, writes psychologist Marie Hartwell-Walker, in “Signs of a Controlling Guy” on the Psych Central website.

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