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She dated Nick Lachey Long before Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson were one of MTV’s first reality TV couples, Lizzie Rovsek and Nick Lachey were an item.

But apparently, Rovsek and Lachey also dated after he and Simpson split, and according to the rumor mill – there was a bit of a feud going on between the women.

She played a small role in the 2006 feature film Stand by Your Man and was the host of a 2004 NBA All-Star game.

Following their 2009 wedding, she and her husband, Christian Rovsek, welcomed two sons.

NICK LACHEY: Well, I think for me I remember that moment when we got discovered, when you got your opportunity.

Each group will perform show-stopping numbers like you’ve never seen or heard before, with no lip-synching, backup bands or safety net.

They’ll be covering all your favorites from today’s top pop chart, to R&B, rock, country and more.

Cook was involved with someone else at the time of filming, but is now single and said to be getting cosy with Jessica.

This is sad news for Nick and Jessica fans, and should serve as a warning to all women who try to hold out before marriage and then get married young because they can't wait. She's wearing the deadly long jeans/platform sandals combo that caused Britney's near baby-drop.

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