Consolidating cubase 4

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Therefore, when you consolidate the fades are taken into account and included in the consolidated file.

Originally posted by IOP Drummer: When I consolidate selection (and I do a lot so I can delete unused stuff and keep my session clean) the new file DOES HAVE all fades included.

Only a year after Cubase SX was released for Windows, followed by a Mac OS X version some months later, the company have released the second major version of Nuendo for both Windows XP and Mac OS X platforms simultaneously.

This achievement, coupled with the fact both versions ship in the same box, is worthy of praise by itself, in an era where software companies are increasingly aligning themselves with a single platform — predictions among users that Mac support would be dropped after Pinnacle's buyout of Steinberg last year have proved to be unfounded, and while Digidesign also offer a Windows version of Pro Tools, it isn't supplied in the same box as the Mac version.

The advantage to this approach, which has been diluted in recent years as third-party DSP cards have increased in popularity, is scalability: you can run Nuendo on any system, be it a laptop or a desktop, workstation or server, and open any Project without needing to worry about installing extra hardware.

While Nuendo was originally released as a Windows-only product, the application itself is based on a portable framework, with Steinberg even announcing a Be OS version at one stage, and a Mac OS 9 version finally became available when Nuendo 1.5 was released in 2001.

Cubase 6 and Cubase Artist 6 offer enhanced workflow features within the Project window.

Since its first release three years ago, Nuendo has raised a great deal of interest among those who need a professional audio production tool, and with Nuendo 2, Steinberg have developed one of most ambitious native-based audio systems yet seen.This feature is really handy for finding a particular group of images without having to click on every project individually.This Export/Import Project process may be a bit slow and time consuming but it's the best way to ensure everything you've already done in other Libraries is preserved.Not only were there numerous new features, but for the first time it became a cross-platform application running on Mac OS X as well as Windows.Nearly three years on, Wavelab has taken further strides forward in version 8.

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