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In order to understand why this game stands out among many, we have to look at the dating sims already out there, and their downsides.

This flash dating sim is like no other :) Wow, Frontpage and 100k views? Over the course of ten days, the Bomee lost her right forefinger from making this game, using only a mouse for all the graphics. This is my first game and I hope it won't be the last, so please be gentle!

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MYSTIC MESSENGER, for example, is an otome game with one GL route.

Some dating sims might include bisexual elements, but this is rare and typically exclusive to indie games.

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However, that all changes when the castle is attacked by enemy soldiers and she and Lewis are forced to flee.After waiting so long for someone to adopt you, you thought all your worries were over until a war broke out.As Cesathis attempts to invade your home, your romance-filled adventure starts -- complete with the dashing, yet pompous king of Hepcatsis.The gist of it is that you are the long lost princess of the Lunar Kingdom.Your elf friend Lewis happens to be a servant employed by your new royal family and, as expected, you two become close over the years.

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