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However, cynics say she stayed because the rent had been paid for six months and the money would have gone waste had she too moved out.Ranbir and Katrina never made their relationship public. People started believing that something serious was brewing when the paparazzi found a bikini-clad Katrina holidaying with Ranbir.

However, the rumour that she was not welcomed in the Kapoor household died down when she and Ranbir walked in hand-in-hand for a family lunch on Christmas last year.

What led to the heart-breaking split of Bollywood's golden couple?

Senior film journalist and Bollywood insider Soumyadipta Bannerjee attempts to understand The obituaries have been written. Sceptics are saying ‘we told you so’ while fans are asking ‘why did it happen?

Here relationships are formed and broken because of professional reasons.

That is exactly what has happened with Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif.

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