An error occurred while setup was updating partition information

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I tried to contact Dell support to guide me with command prompts and repair the disk, and they provided me the some information which seems obsolete now.What steps do I need to take from here onwards to get this computer operational?[Nov 2005 - 12 Posts] 3540: Number of tables in join exceeds Parser [Apr 2006 - 3 Posts] 3610 Error while deleting records [Jun 2006 - 3 Posts] 3610 Query Banding in View for security check [Jul 2013 - One Post] 3610: Internal error: Please do no resubmit the last request.The procedure is simple but you need to install Windows Automated Installation Kit (WAIK) first to get some files.It can also be returned to the task sequence manager (TSM) when TSM requests download locations for packages that are not referenced by the currently running task sequence.NOTE: This error code is not raised in status messages by Software distribution, but could be raised by task sequence. Failed to reconnect to Task Sequence job because a request cannot be found with the given job ID.

So if you are also facing this problem, the solution is: Open Windows Update and check for new updates.I have a Dell Resource CD and a Windows XP setup CD.I tried running some diagnostic test using the Resource CD, and they all passed except the drive related ones.I fixed the whole question for you: converted the the upper case screaming text to something readable, added relevant tags and removed the unneeded ones, improved the title and the formatting, removed parts that didn't provide actual details or that just reinstated something.It takes time and effort to write a good answer, but it takes way more to decipher a badly written question -and- provide an useful reply.

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